Hey Everyone!!!

My name is Diana and thank you for stopping by!!

Life to me is about creating. I love to make stuff, always have!

Life to me is also art. Everything I see, touch, and smell. Inspired by my senses, I make..You see it in my handmade and homemade clothing, I LOVE making clothes, specifically, hippie clothes.

I started selling my hippie style clothes and hats in parking lots and consignment shops in the early 1990's. I made my first website to sell my clothes online in 1997. HippieClothes.com launched in 1999.

I love to sew and craft and have always made and sold/given away items for friends, family, and strangers. I started sewing in the early 1970's when I was about six years old, taught by my grandmother. (Pic coming soon) of the first sewing machine I learned on. It is a strawberry milkshake Pink Atlas!!!